Blog Acronyms

9:54 PM

Blog Acronyms
Our Blog Language. Post that fall into certain categories will be label as such...

SMS = Sample My Style
(pictures of items that we like)
Post Title: HandMade Earring
These are a Must Have!

Label: SMS

PDF = Public Display of Fashion
(pictures of our outfit combinations)

Post Title: Fall Wear
Banana Republic Trench 
H&M Scarf 
Dooney & Bourke Bag

WTF = Where's the Fashion?
(links to fashion sites/stores we like)

Post Title: Practice Your Fashion Skills
I find myself on this site whenever in on the computer bored. It's perfect for coming up with outfit combinations.
Label: WTF

FML = Fashion Mistakes Live
(pictures of fashion mistakes)

Post Title: What was she thinking?
There is nothing correct about this outfit
Label: FML

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