6:41 PM

 On  January 19, 2012 I celebrated my 22nd Birthday. I brought in my birthday riding a bus returning for Georgia. Once I arrived back in NYC I took a nap and then headed for the Tattoo Parlor. I got my tatt done at One Love Ink located on 916 East 233rd Street, Bronx Ny 10466. 

 I ended up adding to a tatt that I already had and been wanting to improve. Its a math equation using my mom and I intials that basically means we are greater than infinity. I added an Orange Orchid.  

 I also added a new piercing to my collection. I got my nose pierced, I debated for a while between a septum  or a stud. I decided to just add a stud to the right side of my nose because I want to keep the left side of my face pure and piercing free.  

 Then it was time to Celebrate. The Crew ended up at a spot named Johnny Utah's,  21 West 51st Street New York NY 10019. I had my eye on this place every since my girl Gizzy told me they had a Machanical Bull. 

 My outfit was made up of a Lace Dress and Slik Dress from Forever 21. I wore a Vintage Blazer from a thrift shop. Now the shoes was ordered from MakeMeChic.com... I ordered 3 pairs of shoes so that I could receive free shipping. The shoes I planned my outfit around BROKE when when I was getting dressed. Imagine  how I felt. Thank goodness I had another pair of thigh high boots. 

 Overall I had a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY. I want to say thank you to everyone who everyone who wished me a happy bithday and Special Thanks to India, Gissele, Kamilah and Simieon for coming out with me to celebrate. 



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