And The Winner Is...

8:52 PM

The Grand Prize Winner for the Stringgles Valentine's Contest is... 

He won for his entry to the Like segment of the contest with his poem. (highlighted my favorite part) 


i wanna be with you 
without the complexities of actually being together
you been hurt 
left with scars deeper then my soul is.. 
i wanna be there for you....
not fuck you
but make you love you..
thats what my goal is.. 
your outer beauty extends to your inner..
just being in your presence 
i feel like a winner 
never doubt yourself 
never think yourself less
cuz any guy who chose someone who isn't you 
chose regret 
cuz he will forever think of this girl
no this women 
an he will never forget 
he coulda had you and you are better then the best 
look at me 
don't turn away 
smile for me cuz like the sunrise 
your shine starts a new day 
This day 
that i wait all night for..... 
when the sky is clouded by your sadness 
An our pain is the lightening that strikes like Thor......
but the min you smile 
Theres aminesia n can't seem to rememmber the night before..

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