First Date Jitters

7:36 AM

So you have date with someone for the first time and you want to look your best. 
Preparing for a First Date can be a Handful and Headache sometimes. All types of things are running through your mind.As as girl you are probably thinking about whether or not to wear
Pants or Skirt or Dress
Heels or Flats
Hair up or Down
Purse or Clutch 
I have decided to take the the time to address the "First Date Jitters" issue

"OHHHH NOOOO!!! What am I going to wear?"
Lets face it Fashion Has changed Just as Much as the Dating World. You want to be prepared for both as much as possible.
old dating scene
new dating scene

How To Act- The only correct answer to this question is...Act Like Yourself. This date could be the beginning of something major and you do not want the foundation of your relationship to be based on a lie. Now i'm not saying go out and eat with your fingers because that what you do at home, but you could bring that up in conversation to see your dates opinion about it.

How To Dress- For this we leave the wordly part to the internet...

Now that all the wordy stuff is out the way
with some outfit examples.

These are just a few pictures to get your Fashion Juices Flowing. Remember to always dress according to where you are going on and to always wear comfortable shoes. You never want to embarrass yourself by falling, struggling to walk or crying that your feet hurt in the middle of the dance floor. 

Now that you are all ready... GO OUT AND ENJOY YOURSELF!!! 1st date only occur once and it could be the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

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