Jeffrey Campbell "M'M! M'M! GOOD!"

2:37 PM

I see these shoes everywhere!!! They are becoming the new "Hood" Shoe. When I went to BET's Rip The Runway (post coming soon) I saw them on a 2:5 ratio. In case your not a math nerd like me then here is it in simplified...For every 5 girls I saw at least 2 had on Jeffrey Campbell's. That looked like these...
Personally I like these shoes because they have a chunky heel which makes it easy to walk. Now if your going to wear these...make sure your outfit is ON POINT!!! I saw so many girls wear them with some cheap skinny jeans and a 3 for 10 dollars t shirt. NO NO NO.
How To Wear
When wearing Jeffrey Campbell's "Lita" style shoe you want to make sure that your outfit is as fashionable as your shoe. 
Don't be afraid to mix and match with it also. 

My Girl Gizzy actually wore a pair for her birthday back in January (owwww team Capricorn!!!!)
Gizzy 23rd Bday 

Real VS Fake
When shopping for any popular product your risk the chance of buying a fake. Also I just learned, thanks to the article below, that Jeffrey Campbell also have been making replicas of other brands shoes. (NOT COOL MR.CAMPBELL)

On a brighter note...Here are some Jeffrey Campbell Shoes that I would wear

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