KONY 2012!!

8:26 PM

Today I saw this Video
And Decided to do my part.
Joseph Kony is one of the most vilified rebel leaders on the planet. He stands accused of brainwashing countless children across northern Uganda, turning the girls into sex slaves and the boys into prepubescent killers. His so-called Christian movement, the Lord’s Resistance Army, has terrorized villagers in at least four countries in central Africa for nearly 20 years, killing tens of thousands of people, burning down huts and hacking off lips. The fact that Mr. Kony, whose followers believe he is a prophet, rarely appears in public has only added to his brutal mystique (NYTimes http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/people/k/joseph_kony/index.html
Terrorist Or Army?
Below is a Kony interview
And I can't Accept this!!!!

It Made me cry!!! No one should have to live in fear ANYWHERE!! I'm Already planning how I will contribute to this important Cause because "Without a Cause there will Never be an Effect!"
I'm planning to do my part
My charity Yarn For The Yearning will be reaching out to to others for help with this. So far I know that I will be holding another raffle for those who are not able to donate a huge amount but still want to do their part. Just like I did for the my other charity work Tickets will be sold for $1 and ALL proceeds will be donated help support the finding and prosecution of Joseph Kony. 
But What can YOU do NOW?

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