Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

8:07 PM

I am finally ready to share my review of Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter. On March 26th I went to Rite Aid and saw that they had a sale (the usual buy1 get 1 half off <aka BOGO>) and from talking to my friend I knew I wanted Gumdrop for sure. Last summer I had a light purple lipstick and loved it so I though this would make a good replacement.
The second color wasn't as easy because most of the good one was gone already (that's what happens when you shop at the end of a sale) I decided to buy Fig Jam because I needed a new dark shade.
At 1st I didn't not like these colors because they wasn't Matte. I like to have the option of making my lips shiny by adding a little gloss or leaving them dull.
Also it takes a lot of application to get the color to really show. But after a little over a month of using Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter I can HONESTLY say that "I LOVE GUMDROP!!!" Fig Jam on the other hand I will not be buying another one of. I want to try a few more colors so be on the look out for more reviews. I'm just waiting for them to go on sale again lol (#teamBOGO)

Share your opinions/review with me by leaving a comment below <3 

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