That is "KahYoot"

9:11 PM

Samantha Benton
Owner/Creative Mind
(302) KAH-YØØT

I don't really recall how I came across KahYoot but I am very happy I did. I feel in love with the name as soon as I heard it. The owner, Samantha, is extremely nice and helpful. What I like best about her products is that they are affordable and super unique. To me each piece has an african vibe to it. 
Now that spring is here, it is the prefect time to brighten up your wardrobe with some color!!!  I know I will be.  In the words of Samantha "You're Only as KahYoot as the Accessories You Wear"

She graduated from Lehman College!! So don't be surprised when both out names is listed under "Famous Alumni" 
(Hey Hey Hey...a girl can Hope and Pray) LOL

Samantha was nice enough to answer a few questions about herself. 

Tell me about yourself and what you do.
I am an Accountant by day and an Accessory Designer by night.
What's your plan for the future?
One day I hope to own a brick and mortar store featuring my designs as well as others. I also would like to design shoes one day.

Describe your personal style.
It's odd because I tend to design big and gaudy items but in a nutshell my style is rather simple. I love big (bamboo) hoops. I'm always in Converse, a tank top and a cardigan or blazer!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I'm from New York (The fashion Mecca of the world) so my inspiration stems from my surroundings, life experiences, art, family, fashion and music. It could be from a piece of graffiti on the side of a building, a line from my favorite song, to the way someone made me feel that particular day. The possibilities are infinite. I love things that sparkle, leopard print, leather, and big earrings which is translated through my work!

Tell us your routine when going out.
I always pin curl my hair! Iron my outfit, Shower, and throw on some eyelashes and eyeliner (CAT EYE IS A MUST)

What products can't you live without?
Carol's Daughter face wash, liquid eyeliner, Vaseline, and Blistex!

Where do you like to shop?
I shop everywhere! ASOS, Torrid, Old Navy, Gap, Target (I could go on forever)

Why did you decide to start your own business?
Well, I've always been creative but I believe my creative spark was ignited by my grandmother. She was a seamstress and dressmaker. She was also the sewing instructor and Arts and Crafts teacher at our church. I found myself always clinging to her and observing her work as she made dresses and other items for many women in our church. After she fell ill and passed my passion laid dormant. I no longer had the enthusiasm that I used to. She was no longer there to inspire and guide me. So I threw it in the back seat. As far as I can remember I've always been into creating things; making jean tote bags, intentionally making holes in my jeans with a cheese grater. I also used to draw my name in graffiti down one of my pants legs along with making earrings and things of those sorts. 
I knew that I had an entrepreneurial spirit and I wanted to start my own company. About 3 years ago, my mother approached me with a proposition. My church was having an event in which everyone had to wear the same color. She wanted to coordinate but didn't want to look exactly like everyone else. She asked me to create an extravagant headpiece for her. I ended up making the headpiece with some earrings to match. Everyone loved them! All day, that day she received compliments and they would say 'those are cute' but the emphasis when enunciating would always be on the 'cute'. I ended up making headpieces for all the women in church as well as other pieces for the next event as well as many others thereafter; much like my grandmother had done many years ago. I decided to develop it into a business and it just took off from there. I subsequently created 'KahYoot' so people would be able to say 'That is KahYoot!' whenever they saw one of my items.

Samantha Benton

Owner/Creative Mind
(302) KAH-YØØT

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