Conversational Lush

2:47 PM

Elle Varner
Oh How Beautiful!!!!
Whenever I look at Ella Varner all I want to do is cut my hair off and go natural. Her curls are breath taking. I started this post because I could not get her song "Refill" out of my head today. After looking at a few pictures I realized how much style she had and how much the way she dresses reminds me of myself. She is not afraid to Mix & Match patterns. 
This whole outfit is to DIE for. It has spring written all over it. I like the outfit more with the blazer. If I was to see that dress in the store I probably would just walk right by. With the blazer though it is transformed in to a whole different look. 
The yellowish gold shoes and artsy clutch was the perfect finish. 
(J.Cole looks to cute with the matching orange vest)
The Barrett
The Earrings
The Glasses
Really add character to the simple jean jacket and black top look. (I wouldn't be shocked of she had something extraordinary on the bottom though)  
Printed Leggings/Jeggings are a GO this season. I like how she is able to wear them sporty with the t shirt and dressy with the wedged heels. 
She is even able to pull off the VINTAGE look!! "You Go Girl"
Chunky Bold Bracelets adds Style to any Plain Jane Outfit.
(SIDENOTE----> I WANT THOSE CURLS!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Check Out Her Music Videos Below  
"So can I get a refill?
Can I get a refill?
Can I get a refill?
Yeah, of your time
Cause you’re intoxicating my mind
Feel like a conversational lush
Cause I don’t know how much is too much, yeah
I feel like the girl at the bar who’s been there too long
Can’t stand up!"
Only Wanna Give It To You (ft.J.Cole)

"Cause I only wanna give it to you

And I want you more than a new pair of shoes
I only wanna give it to you
And I sure do hope that you feel like I do
Can't let this go what can I say?
I just don't know
My love ain't no trip for the weekend
Here to stay for all of the seasons
You're the weakness that I can't control"

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