DIY Desk

10:50 AM

On Pinterest  I saw these photos

and found out that by putting a piece of ply wood on top of 2 bookshelves I could create a craft table/desk.
I already had one bookshelf from target and since it was college shopping time I knew I would be able to find another one.

 That was the easy part. Now came time to go to Home Depot and get plywood. I am horrible at finding stuff in that store, but since I'm a girl I always get guys that are willing to help me out. The ply wood came up to about 14 dollars I think. I took my iPad to show the guy what I wanted to make and the dimensions of the bookshelf.
I went home and put everything together and came up  with this...
It looked too plain for me so I decided to paint it.  I went to Walmart and picked out some paint that was close to the color mint green . With the help of my friend painting was easy. We even did the border of my dry easer board.
I am in love with my work station now. The storage on the side now houses all my art supplies (except the yarn) and is so convenient.

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