23 I am

12:44 PM

on 1/19/13 I turned 23

My Birthday started out with my Loving Boyfriend taking me out for Brunch 
My Outfit
Shirt- Forever 21
Sweater- Forever 21
Sneakers - Jordan's Olympic 7's
Clutch- Gucci 
After Brunch He took me to Build A Bear which is a place I have been dying to go to for years now.
Build A Bear 
I picked a bear...
Had him stuffed with love and picked out clothes...
he was then dressed, named and packed to be taken home home.
Our Bear
Next I headed home to change and then went out for drinks 
Dallas BBQ's
Now I was ready dance all night long

bOb Lounge
Thanks to everyone who cam out to celebrate and make this a special day. Special thanks to my loving Bf for going out his way to make sure my bday was special.

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