My Skin Detox Recipe

11:51 AM

When on the journey to clear skin it is important to work on the inside also. While researching products for a new skin regimen I learnt the importance of Vitamin C. (Read what Doctor Oz says here I came up with this recipe because I wanted something I could carry and drink through out the day.    
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Step 1
   Follow the instruction provided on the tea bag to brew and steep a cup of Yogi Skin Detox Tea.
I love that each tea bag has a quote.
Step 2
   Add 1 pack of Emergen-C and stir until dissolved. 
Look at those bubbles.
Step 3
   Slice half an orange.

Save the other half for tomorrow.
Step 4
   Add the orange slices and tea mixture to a travel container.
I keep add the tea bag to the container also.
Step 5 (optional)
   Fill the rest of the container with water and sit it in the fridge. (I leave it overnight)
I like to add water because it is also good for clearing skin.
Step 6 (optional)
   If the taste is not to you liking you can add a little sugar and/or orange juice.
*WARNING- the oranges sweeten the drink naturally. Do Not add sweaters before letting it sit in the fridge. Trust me... It will be too sweet.

This drink is also amazing for keeping you immune system strong during the winter.

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