College Girl Backpack Essentials

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I am up to my 3rd college graduation so I like to think I know a few things about what's needed to survive college. Check out the list below to see if you are prepared for this new life journey.

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You need a funky backpack in the first place

First things first – if you want to be fashionable, ahead of the game, you need your bag to be a statement! Pick a design that suits your personality, whilst also taking into account the size and how easy it is to carry.

Your Laptop/Tablet/Kindle with a nice case for it

Of course, a tablet or Kindle doubles up as a good way to spend a few spare minutes between classes, but there can be another useful function here too – instead of weighing yourself down with heavy text books, why not put them on your tablet or Kindle as a digital version instead? Choose the device that will be convenient for reading and, of course, the beautiful case for it. Remember that a nice solid case is a must-have girl’s accessory.

Earphones – not everyone wants to hear your music

If you’re walking to college or return home, you’ll want to fill your time with a little musical interlude. There is nothing worse than feeling the urge to listen to something and then realising you don’t have your earphones with you; beat the problem and store a pair in your backpack at all times.

Power bank – a useful necessity and a fancy gadget

How many times have you been out and your phone charge has died? This is a common problem these days, as now our phones have so many functions that they can’t hold charge as they used to! Keep a power bank in your bag, just in case you need to add some extra juice to your phone. It is more convenient than the usual phone charger as it doesn’t require any power socket when charging your smartphone. Moreover, it can be very cute.

Chic pencil case with all necessary stuff

Just like picking a funky backpack, pick a funky pencil case to match! You need pens, pencils, a ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener, post it notes, and small versions of a stapler and hole punch if you can – these little items are so useful. These are the things that if you don’t have, you’ll find yourself needing! You can often buy miniature versions of these, which save weight and will do the job just as well as the full sized options.

Make up bag with a few essentials, for those sneaky touch up

You never know, you might be invited out after college, and you may need to touch up your make up, or sort your hair out! Carry a few small essentials in a make up bag, and you won’t be caught out. This can be your favourite lipstick lip balm , a pair of hair clips and other accessories for creating the perfect image , and a nice tangle teezer.

Lunch box or snack bag with snacks to get you through the day

Everyone needs a snack at some point during the day, so throw a cereal bar or some fruit in your bag, to get you through those hungry moments. Either it is a good idea to pack your food in a lunch box and take with you to college. Choose a cute lunch box and fill it with healthy snacks, such as dried fruits, nuts, cheese, cut veggies, to keep energy levels high during the day.

Cool water bottle of your favourite colour or unique design

Also buy a plastic bottle and fill it up in the morning before you leave; this will save you money on buying endless bottles of water or juice throughout the day, and you can simply fill your bottle at a water fountain.

Stylish sunglasses for perfect look

Face the sun in style with perfectly chosen sunglasses! Every girl wants to be cool and trendy, that’s why take a pair of sunglasses with you when you leave home. But make sure they match your face shape and clothing style. Sunglasses is a perfect accessory that will personalize your style.

Wreck This Journal

Have you had those times when you wanted to write something down (website, e-mail, someone’s name, etc.) but couldn’t? To avoid such situation, take a notebook and a pen with you when you’re going to class. These two items will be helpful for making schedules and lists on the go, and jotting down some random ideas.

Favorite perfume to portray your unique sense of style

Do you know that the smell is the strongest sense tied to memory and can be a huge factor in the way that people perceive you? Surely, you want to make good impression on your teachers, classmates, and friends. Put your favourite perfume in your bag to use before an important meeting or a date.
Aside from the usual phone, keys, and purse, these are the items you need to keep in your college backpack, to cover you for every situation you have. Of course, don’t forget your actual college work in the first place, but surely that’s a given?
Pack these items and your day has a much better chance of running very smoothly indeed!

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