EASY No Cornrow Crochet Faux Locs

6:34 PM

One evening while browsing youtube I cam across Jazz Nicole 's channel. She was rocking the most beautiful colored faux locs I had every seen. 
At this point I am determined to try this hairstyle out. Jazz used Bobbi Boss Bomba Dreadlocks Faux Locs. So I got online and found the best deal on the hair. It happened to be over at  samsbeauty.com (no affiliation, just telling the truth). I ended up purchasing 7 packs but I only used 3 packs. I actually did in black because I didn't want to experiment with color until I was sure I had the technique down. You can hide flaws in your natural hair color but not so much with a color like green. Overall I am in love with this hairstyle. Not only was it quick, affordable and easy but it also really fit my style.

Now let me show you how I did it. 
1) To turn my end into goddess locs I did this

2) To install the hair I used this method (I was nervous because my hair is pretty long but it still worked)

If you want to do color locs I recommend you use this method and wrap your roots with Marley hair for a more natural look

And that's all. Seeing as I have 4 packs left, I plan on doing this style again. It's the perfect protective style. The hair is lightweight and there is no tension on my real hair.  A plus is that as your hair gets fuzzy so does locs so they still look really realistic.  I have even got questioned on how long I have been growing my locs lol. So thanks Jazz for sharing this amazing tutorial.

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