Been Gone for a Minute, Now I'm Back with the...

10:00 AM

Let me update you on my life and why I have been MIA... Well if you haven't seen my youtube video it's a good place to start...
I announced my return to the Youtuber world but posting a life update video. It seemed only fair since I have been missing for quite some time.
My left my loyal subcribers like...

I felt so bad but life had me hella busy. I was running my craft business, planning a wedding, working a new job, and creating a new life. Shoot creating life on its on is enought to throw any woman off their routine. 
Craft Business
I have been busy keeping my etsy shop stocked and vending at events.

Wedding Planning
Once I got engaged I jumped right into wedding planning. Progress was slow but steady. I quickly found wedding planning to be expensive, overwhelming and stressful. It was nothing like the "DIY Dream" I expected.

Creating New Life
We have decided to join #teamgreen (Team green means that you aren't finding out the babys gender til birth).  This has really helped with not over shoppong. I have only been buying the esentials. But you better believe that once the baby is here, I am going on a new moomy shopping spree lol. We waitied to share the news on social media until we took maternity photos and embraced it with those closest to us first.This area of life has been a "DIY Dream". Every since we found out we was expecting, I have been in DIY overdrive, especially when it came time to plan the baby shower.

That's pretty much the basics on what I have been upto. Now I can get back to living the #blackgirlmagic lifestyle.

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