8 Things I Took For Granted Before Pregnancy

8:04 PM

So a life is being made inside me and I can't help but think about the things I took for granted before being pregnant. Yes, it's more then missing my cute figure. Don't get me wrong the pros definitely out weigh the cons but hey I thought it would be fun to list a few things I didn't know I would miss so much.  

1) Painting my toes nails
Before pregnancy I was big on diy pedicures. Now I can't even bend over long enough to fix chipped toe nail polish. 

2) Sleeping on my Stomach
Oh those were the good days. Now I knew I would be giving this up for pregnancy but I didn't know just how much I would miss it.

3) Having a full wardrobe 
I am down to about 3 pair of pants, 2 pair of jeans, 15 tops, 20 leggings and 6 dresses. Now think about the fact I to put together 5 days worth of work outfits (FYI leggings don't count as pants at work). I am really down to the basics when I get dressed. Fashion blogs, Instagram pages, commercials ect... annoy me now. I know you're probably thinking "Why don't you just buy maternity clothes?" That's because I didn't need any till I was about 6 months and at that point it seemed like a waste of money. Have you seen those prices? I am not paying $50 for pants that will not fit longer than 3 months. Ha, money don't grow on trees.

4) Shoes that fit
Since we on the topic of clothes lets move on down to shoes. I did not know my feet would swell to the point that all I can wear is a pair of Birkenstocks. Now I wanted these nomad, Moses looking sandals for over a year and was trilled that now I had a reason to buy them without feeling bad over the price (I actually found them at BJ's so I even saved money) but I am already on limited outfit options and these sandals don't go with everything.  Sandals not even allowed at work but they have to take me as I am because my feet wont fit in any other shoe,  Now here's the hard part... what do I wear on rainy days? I live in NYC where the weather acts bipolar. In case you really want to know... I wear socks and crocs to commute and then switch into my trusted Birkenstocks because I can't stay in crocs for to long.

5) Bladder Control
I am a walking bladder control commercial. When I have to go, it is intense. Now thankfully I am doing good with this in public but at night it's a whole different story. I have to cut myself off fluids just to reduce the bathroom runs. I wake up to switch sides and there goes the "I have to pee feeling."  Do you know how hard it is to not enjoy a cup of water before bed out of fear of the consequences.

6) Drinking
This one is probably obvious. After a long week of stress and body changes, a drink really sounds relaxing. Well that's not happening. I can't wait to enjoy a margarita. I saw a nice happy hour deal the other day and found myself thinking about all the fun I could of had.

7) Solitude
Now this is something that may be exclusive to me. I am so sick of random people talking to me about pregnancy. Like SHUT UP already. I live my life pretty reserved from the world so to have people talking to me all day is really annoying. I can't even run to the bodega with out getting asked a million questions and being offered advice I didn't ask for. Plus what is up with people just telling you their Labor stories. I don't want to hear that nor do I really care because I don't know the person talking to me. You having a kid does not make you any less of a stranger to me. Also if people don't stop playing "guess the baby gender" imma flip out. This maybe more annoying in my case because I am Team Green (I won't know the gender till birth).

8) Clear Skin
Now I drink water all day and take prenatal vitamins but my skin looks horrible. My back has it the worst. My face is breaking out but its bearable. I didn't have perfect skin  before pregnancy but now I know it could get worst.

As much as I just complained, I know once I see my darling baby, He or She will make it all worth while.

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