A Bohemian Birthday Weekend

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The start of a new year never has an effect on me because I know a literal new year for me coming. On January 19, 2018 I turned 28 (aka “20 great”). At first when I said it aloud, It felt like someone snatched a rug from under my feet. After celebrating I feel completely different. I feel like the world is mine for the taking. This year will be about GROWTH. So as I turn the page to write this new chapter just know that I’m not changing who I am. Instead I am improving myself towards the person I inspire to be.

Every birthday I run around looking for an outfit that represents the person I am that year. Well this year the theme was Bohemian. I have always loved layering clothes, mixing patterns and living the nomadic artist life. When I need an outfit inspiration I find myself browsing Boho photos on Pinterest and Instagram.  Well this year I decided to have a Bohemian themed birthday. I started by finding a restaurant that would set the right aesthetic. Living in NYC that should be easy right? Ha... Not when your transitioning to veganism. I also needed a place that was baby friendly because Ali is 7 months. Before Ali I would have just picked a bar with an affordable drink menu, good music and appetizers. This year I really wanted something simple but beautiful like me. 
Well after browsing Yelp, for what seemed like a whole day, I found the perfect Indian Restaurant. Vantan is a vegetarian restaurant that also accommodates vegans. The best part is that they had a pre-fixed buffet menu. I got to sample everything and could have more of anything I liked. The inside was beautiful. So many great place to take selfies (who doesn't like a good selfie?).  Now that I had the location and small guest list, I had to make the invitations. I happen to be really good at creating invitations.
 I think its because of all the Youtube thumbnails and blog graphics I have made in the past. I actually can say that I enjoy making them, now that I think about it. After some brainstorming, I decided on some key elements I wanted the invitation to have.
Color Scheme: Black and white
Background: Marble
Main Image: A Mandala
Once I had that all figured out, the rest was "finna be a breeze" (haha davis voice).  It really was though. This was the completed invitation. 

Now all that all the plans had been made, it was time to get back to finding an outfit. The nice people at Tobi had reached out to me a while ago to collaborate but I was pregnant and unsure of how the clothes would fit. Well now it was my birthday and I had 3 dresses from them sitting on my dresser waiting to be styled. 

Number 2 was my favorite soon as I saw it. I love velvet and the color was beautiful. I feel like it was the perfect "snatch back" outfit. However the weather was not looking like it was going to be on my side. One thing about living my NYC and having a January Bday is SNOW!!!  
Well out of fear I decided to go with number 3. It was beautiful and long enough that I could wear some leggings underneath to stay warm (don't judge me). Now that I had a dress, I set out to find the accessories. I need things that would really help the bohemian vibe. I ended up buying a lace Kimono and some patterned booties.
Now I know the booties design isn't everyone's cup of tea but I loved them and I already have some plans on how imma rock them in the spring time. Once I put everything together and it was love at 1st mirror glance. 

I also got the chance to wear dress number 1. My fiance took me out on my actually bday so I decided to wear the dress and paired it with my bday romper from the previous year and some black boots. 
Overall I had am amazing birthday. 28 looks and feels good on me. Keep an eye out for dress number 2. The next dressy event, it will be making it's showcase. I want to special thanks to Tobi.com for sending me these pieces. Without them I would not have known where to start looking for the perfect outfit. 
-Patricia Striggles

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